Things You Should Know About the Rubik's Cube
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Things You Should Know About the Rubik's Cube

What are the things you should know about the Rubik's Cube?

In 1975, Rubik’s cube was first called as the Magic Cube. It was named after the Hungarian sculptor and professor in architecture Erno Rubik. He licensed it to be sold by Ideal Toy Corporation which was founded by Morris and Rose Michtom, the couple who created the Teddy bear. Following its popularity, the invention bagged the German Game of the Year award in 1980. Today, this 3D mechanical, fast-paced puzzle is tagged as the world’s top selling puzzle game. The challenge is on spinning and color-matching in the shortest time possible.

How was the Rubik’s Cube Invented?

The invention was not initially intended for recreation. The main reason for the professor was to solve the structural problem of rotating the parts while still maintaining the attachment of all of the parts. It was reported that the idea sprang from the motivation to derive a teaching tool to help his students better understand 3D objects. The professor scrambled his creation and made a successful attempt at restoring it. Before he knew it, a new-found puzzle was right before him.

When was it Finally Named the Rubik’s Cube?

The original piece was quite heavy compared to what is being distributed nowadays. To ensure safety and to suit packaging specifications in the international market, lighter versions of the cube were manufactured. Names had been also proposed in the past for the magic cube. One was The Gordian Knot owing to a legend often used as a metaphor for a hardly manageable problem solved by a bold stroke (cutting the Gordian knot). Inca gold was also considered but the name Rubik’s Cube got the final vote, obviously naming it after the maker.

What is Speedcubing and Why is it Popular?

Also known as speedsolving, speedcubing names the practice of solving the puzzle as fast as possible. On March 13, 1981, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the first world championship prize to Jury Froeschl who set the first record in 38 seconds. On June 5, 1982, the first international world championship was held in Budapest. Then 16-year old Minh Thai of Vietnam set the new record in 22.95 seconds.

Who is the Current World’s Fastest Speedcuber?

Completing the task in amazingly 6.24 seconds at the Kubaroo Open 2011, Feliks Zemdegs of Australia is the current record holder. He also holds world records for various Cube competitions performed blindfolded and singlehandedly.

Today, various group competitions around the globe are being held in search for the newest speedcubing record. As of January 2009, over 350 million cubes were already sold worldwide.

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