Ten Things To Do When You Are Bored
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Ten Things To Do When You Are Bored

What to do when you are bored. 10 things that many people don't think about when they are bored.

Many of us try and beat boredem by finding different things to do, however many of us don't know what that might be.  If you are an "internet geek"  there are a lot of things out there that will help to keep you occupied. 

1) Learn Something New-

Do you like to learn new things?  Well, there is a lot of information out there for you to learn.  In fact, if you like to learn about state laws, here is a great thing to do, learn about the "dumb" laws that are still around.  There are several websites that you can go to find information about "dumb" state laws.  Here are a list of sites to check out if you are interested.

  • http://www.dumblaws.com
  • http://www.stupidlaws.com
  • http://www.bored.com

Here are some facts that will get you started and make you laugh. 

  • In Sarasota, Florida it is illegal to sing in public while dressed in a swimsuit.
  • In Hawaii you can be fined for not owning a boat.
  • In the state of Idaho, it is illegal for a man to give his intended a box of candy weighing less than 5 pounds.
  • In Indiana, bathing is prohibited during the winter. 

Yes, this is what our great leaders have come up with for us to "obey".  You will laugh even harder with other "dumb" laws that are out there. 

2) Who doesn't like to play free games?

There are a lot of ways to play free games out on the web, but finding the best ones can be a challenge.  If you like to try out new games once in a while, here are some sites that will give you that opportunity. 

  • http://www.wildtangent.com  On this site, you can actually play as long as possible on the game, however, you can only play the game twice.  And by the second time, after a period of time, the game will not let you go any further. 
  • http://www.bigfishgames.com  This site will allow you to also try different games, however, you are limited to only an hour of play time.  This can be a pain especially when you find a game that you are really enjoyings. 
  • http://www.pogo.com  On this site, there are a ton of different games that you can play, you don't have to download them to play either.  You get the opportunity to also meet people as you play certain games.  The community is quite friendly and they offer you a membership if you wish to try other games that they offer.  You can play chess, checkers, bowling, monopoly, hearts, rummy, dominoes and oh so many more games.
  • http://www.facebook.com  Yep that's right, if you have fully experienced face book, then you need to check out some of the games that the site offers.  For example you can play poker, a game called frontierville, yoville, petville, cafe world and many, many more.  The games give you the opportunity to play with your friends and attempt to meet certain challenges.  Watch out, because these games can really drag you in for long periods of time. 
  • http://www.shockwave.com  This site gives you the opportunity to play many different games.  You can also get on their chat site and just have a good conversation.  There are many different games that you can play without limitations.  You can check out some of the different catergories.  For example; Timemanagement, Adventure, Hidden Objects, Mystery and much more. 

3) Fill your head with knowledge-

How many times did you wonder how to spell a word correctly or what a word meant?  How about trying to get yourself away from attempting to create sentences that were filled with nothing but texting lingo.  Let's face it, our world has become a texting society.  But, alas, we still need the written word to get us through our lives, so, why not improve your writing skills or your word knowledge. 

  • http://www.dictionary.com  Learn how to spell new words and what their meanings are.
  • http://www.wikipedia.org  Find out information about really cool animals, states, countries, people and much more. 
  • http://www.knoji.com  Yep, right here on this wonderful site, you can browse many different sections and find information about just anything you can possibly imagine. 
  • Grab a book, there are many wonderful books out that not only fill you with great information but also help work the imagination.  Working your imagination is very important.  Through improving our creativity, we are able to help ourselves deal with stress a little better. 

4) Learn how to crochet-

It's always fun to learn something new.  Okay, so crocheting isn't something you want to learn or do.  That's fine, the point is to find something that does interest you.  For those interested in crocheting.  There are a lot of great websites that can help teach you the art of crocheting.  You will be amazed at all the different patterns that are out there and just how easy picking up a crochet hook can be.  Get started on learning how to crochet the basic chain. 

  • http://www.learnhowtocrochet.net  This site will give you the basic instructions you will need to get started.
  • http://www.allfreecrochet.com  Another great site to learn from. 
  • http://www.freepatterns.com  Not only doest this site have some really neat and free crochet patterns, but you will also find free patterns for a lot of different types of crafts.  Who knows, if crocheting just doesn't fit the ticket, you might find another one that you like more.

5) Start a garden-

Okay, so you don't have a yard, that's all right you can start an indoor garden.  All it takes is an open window, a table a few pots and a few plants to get started with.  You don't even have to purchase plants, you can actually create your own out of vegetables that you may already have in the house. 

  • Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes- you can cut a small piece off place in some soil and wait, within about 10 days, you will see a shoot pop up out of the soil.
  • Onion- Yes, an onion, did you know that its a memember of the Lily family.  It actually gets a very pretty white flower set on the top if you let it bloom.  You also can use it for chives for your baked potatoes if you choose to.
  • A pineapple plant- You can cut the top off a pineapple, soak it in some water for about 24-48 hours then plant in some soil, use some rooting hormone in the soil to help it grow a good strong root system.  The plant can get rather large. 
  • Get clippings frome plants that friends may have- A good vining plant that will grow quickly from a piece is a plant called a Pothos.  You find it in many stores, it is a very popular plant. 

It is always a good idea to experiment with different types of things around your house to see what you might be able to get to grow. You can also get creative with the types of pots.  With the fun plastic coffee cans that are available now, you can decorate them up, or have your kids decorate them up to add a touch of color and bling to your new indoor garden.

6) Learn more about your pets-

With the many different breeds of dogs and cats that are out there, it is amazing if we can keep up with our own animals breeds.  If you have a mix breed animal and you know what it is, look up the different breeds and learn more about them.  This can help you to understand your dog or cat a little better.  Of course, it is easier to learn about dogs than it is cats.  Cats have a mind of their own.  Give them plenty of love some toys to play with, don't forget a little cat nip once in a while and they are set. 

If you don't wish to read about the pets in books, there are a lot of great websites to check out that are breed specific.  You can also start off with Wikipedia and then work your way around the web from there.

7) Get Cleaning!  That means your kids too-

There is always something to do in our homes.  Even when our house looks clean, you will find some little thing that can be done. 

You can make a game of it too. 

  • Choose two rooms.
  • Challenge your children to see who can clean the room the fastest.  This should include, dusting, vaccumming and maybe cleaning up windows.
  • Don't forget to put toys and things away, this counts as part of the game as well.
  • Don't forget to set a time limit.  When the time is up, see who wins. 

8) Create a fun cd-

If you love music and have a bunch, share it as a gift to someone.  Create some fun cd's for friends and family.  You can give them creative names, make covers for them.  Just have fun all together coming up with different ideas.  When you make the cover, use a drawing that maybe a child in your family did, this will make the gift even more special.

You can purchase cd's at many stores for low prices. 

9) Take a nap-

Some times our bodies need extra rest, take a power nap.  Crawl in bed and lay and rest for about an hour if you can spare the time.  This will help you relax and not think about being bored. 

10) Reorganize a closet-

We all have them, messy closets, who doesn't take the time when you are bored to clean out a closet or two.  You  probably will be shocked with how much stuff you have stored.  Set up several piles to get rid of stuff. 

  • A pile to get rid of (goes to a charity or maybe have a yardsale)
  • A maybe pile, this pile is for stuff you aren't sure about keeping.
  • A Keep pile.
  • Don't forget a pile for stuff that belongs some place else in your home.  This will help you to remember to relocate the items. 

When all else fails, you can always find ways to chase away the boredom in your life.  Enjoy the simple things in life and you will improve the quality of your life.

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