How to Play Scrabble for the Win
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How to Play Scrabble for the Win

Scrabble is one of the best educational board games that you can play with anybody. Here are some tips for the win.

Aside from being an

educational board game,

scrabble is fun and challenging. If you win a game, you would think more confident of yourself. Scrabble is a way where one increases his vocabulary and learns about words that are not included in daily language. Many words pop up while playing scrabble and you have to store them in your mind for future use. When playing scrabble, make sure to follow a good strategy so that you will win the game. Sometimes, it is not how intelligent a player is but being smart and strategic does the job for you.

If you enjoy scrabble and want a winning technique, here are some tips to consider:

Be a wide reader. Reading makes one aware of many words that do not often come in everyday language. Reading different kinds of reading materials help one to pick up words that he isn't aware of. Unheard of words could often be found in reading materials and you could use the words in playing scrabble. Remember, words are what scrabbles are for.

Buy a dictionary. Use the dictionary to find words that you don't know. There are very short words that are seldom used in written materials and these are what we should focus in. Words like xi, id, pi are not known to everybody. If you use these words, be sure to know the meaning because some smart scrabble players would ask you the meaning of words and will not accept it if you cannot tell them the meaning. When we play scrabble, we make sure that we know the meaning of the word we are forming because if the other players do not know the meaning they would refuse to accept it.

Do not use your letter s to add to single words. When using s, make sure you have a word to add s to then form another word to make a bigger score.

Learn to insert high score letters in places where they would be doubled or tripled. Do not use z when it has no double or triple score. Save your high score letters where you could best use them, but don't wait too long or else your opponent might block the place you are planning to play on.

Make the habit of playing puzzles in newspapers or magazines. There are also puzzle books that you can buy. If you are good in solving puzzles, you will be good in playing scrabble too.

Always use vowels and consonants at the same time. Never leave all vowels or all consonants. It is very hard to form words with consonants only or vowels only.

If your opponents are good; keep an eye on the words they are forming. Some players tend to think they are better than you and you must be smart enough to watch the word they are forming. If you are sure there words are not in the dictionary, then say so.

Watch carefully when your opponents pick their letters.  I once played with a dishonest player who chose her letters and return the letters she didn't want. I caught her trying to cheat us and I corrected her on the spot.

Always look for a word that you could add a letter at the end then form another word across because it makes a bigger score.

Do not open a triple word score for your opponent to play on.

Be aware of two letter words that can save you at the end of the game.

Lastly, practice is always the best way to perfect something. Play even if you are alone. Scrabble is very educational and doesn't choose what age to play.

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Comments (9)

One of my favorite boardgames.

Hi Ron thank you for giving this article a few minutes of your precious time. I like scrabble too.

I'm a scrabble addict and I want a dictionary beside me whenever I play. LOL!

I am also an addict of scrabble and still play it at computer. I believe that it is the best game to enhance your vocabulary and spelling skills. I could easily win while playing against older and more educated persons when I was a only a college student.

Just revisited for my V Lyz.

Thanks Ron.

Thank you Amera and P. Guimms. Good thing about technology because you can access scrabble in the computer.

Scrabble is a very complicated, I had to memorise 2 letter words aswell as words with a Q with U.

i am an avid fan of scrabble too, its takes me a lot of time instead of watching movies..intead of dictionary i use the ANAGRAMMER it will give me some hints in times of trouble..


scrabble cheat