How to Have Fun Playing Billiards and Make Money Too
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How to Have Fun Playing Billiards and Make Money Too

Making money and having fun playing billiards

Billards is always a good game to play after dinner with your friends or aquaintances. Even strangers make great opponents for this game. Where is all the fun? In the money. When you play for no money, the game is very monotonous, sometimes you might even feel drowsy. Once you start playing for money, everything will change, specially if you play betting a lot of money. In my small town, when there is a bet of 1000€ or more, even the cafe owner comes to watch the entire game. Money has a magic touch on people's hearts & minds.

How to win that game and collect?

1- Make the game fit your style. Some people love to play with force, others with style. I must recommend you to block as many holes as you can. A ball near the hole, blocking it, is many times better than a ball inside it. This is a technique that requires a lot of practise but with a few days of training it becomes very easy. A hint: aim for the sides of the holes to make the ball bounce back a little. The angle is perfect.

2- Never remove a ball. This is the worst thing you can do. It's hard to put a ball inside the hole, so making a fault is just giving you more balls to aim. This means you start the race later or with more kilometers to race than your competitors.

3- Kill your opponent game. He will try to block holes so if you cannot make a good move with your balls, use your ball to hit his balls and remove them near the hole.

4- Always make the best shot you can. If you cannot place a ball near the hole, at least insert one ball in the least used hole, or get the black ball ready.

Never use that blue soft thing for the cue, it will make you miss more because it softens the shot. It's much better to hit the ball just with what you got, no blue dust making things dirty.

Note: Do not play this game with this style if you are prone to becoming addicted to gaming. After all there many more ways to make money besides playing the balls. Also you should not play more than two hours a day and only three or fours days a week. Avoid making this game the center of your life.

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