Warhammer 40k Army Advantages
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Warhammer 40k Army Advantages

A brief discussion on Warhammer 40k strategies to purchasing a second army. The article outlines a few things to keep in mind while deliberating on army choice in shooting, melee, armor and other points of strength or weakness.

Choosing to begin a second army is nearly as important of a decision as that of purchasing a first. The important things to consider when purchasing a second army contingent are:

  • Why am I considering a second force?
  • What do I hope to gain?

Often one is searching for a different over all play style and these two questions can direct some light to the issue. There are many reasons why one might made the decision but a few likely reasons are based around the most prevalent armies.

Such choices as the Space Marines often lead someone to want something with more speed and risk such as Dark Eldar, Tau or Tyranids. Any of these armies present huge advantages in speed, fire power, or melee combat respectively. Yet, none of them are stable in their over all combat abilities. Any way you imagine it these armies stand to loose huge casualties, often at the cost of totally annihilating the enemy in a trap.

The other most common move is from the erratic to the safe and secure. Some armies seem to set the bar for player skill so high that the desire for a constantly performing army arises. These armies may be any army with high excitement high risk strategies, combat maneuvers most would never dream of fielding like a thirty man biker army entirely fielded on Space Marine Bikes and Attack Bikes. A force to be feared no doubt, but 30 warriors no less.

The important thing to note is the features of your present army and the features of the one you wish to pursue further. Knowing ‘what it is’ you are looking to augment is important. I’ve seen friends looking for ‘something else’ only to purchase an army nearly identical to their first.

Most often the two army combination includes:

  • The risky fun and exciting army that tends to put it all out there with total victory or total defeat on the line.  These are the armies focusing around singular strategies of victory, survival often only a footnote such that their weapons are vastly more powerful than armor.
  • The MEq or Marine Equivalent army; that fields something very similar to typical Space Marines. This army is not necessarily Space Marine but could be something like Chaos or Necrons. The MEq designation is most often referring to the safety of toughness 4 with a 3 plus armor save.

The important thing to do is to remember what you have, and what you desire. One should do their best to purchase with their future play in mind. Don’t play such a difficult army that you never win, just as much as you shouldn’t play such a powerful army that you never loose. Remember first and foremost to enjoy the battle.

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